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<p>Ever fancied your hand at VR development? Oculus founder Palmer Luckey revealed at Vision Summit 2016 this week that the company will be giving away 4 months of Unity Professional edition to the purchase of a consumer Oculus Rift.</p><p>It's an unexpected gesture from Oculus but one that should encourage some of the more curious types to have a good long look at developing for VR, even if it's just a pet project. It might help people feel better about that price-tag, too.</p><p>Unity Pro typically commands a $75 per month subscription fee, but will provide developers with a host of customer support options and additional features.</p><p>The Unity Personal edition is a fully featured engine that's already available free of charge, and is rapidly gaining new features, including support for all major VR platforms and soon perhaps an update allowing you to develop while inside Virtual Reality itself.</p>.

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