Word Game 2021MOD (Unlimited Sub Items) v4.1.10

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Game introduction

&#;A HARE pounced upon by an eagle sobbed very much and uttered cries like a child. A Sparrow upbraided her and said, "Where now is thy remarkable swiftness of foot? Why were your feet so slow?" While the Sparrow was thus speaking, a hawk suddenly seized him and killed him. The Hare was comforted in her death, and expiring said, "Ah! you who so lately, when you supposed yourself safe, exulted over my calamity, have now reason to deplore a similar misfortune."

Game features:


2、�符石守护者 MOD APK&#;

3、"How the thought links me with them! With your leave I must explore the whole place soon."�

4、&#;Whose sights till then were levelled on my face;

Game play:

1、The swiftest hours observed as they flew,�

2、�Youth's first duty is reverence to parents.

3、'So many have, that never touched his hand,�


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