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<p>Survive the apocalypse in the Mad Max-esque driving simulator, Madness Road, coming soon to iOS and Android.</p><p>You've got just one goal – destroy. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, ashen and bare, it's you and your car versus thousands of zombies…and the occasional building just for fun. Race and swerve across the barren landscape, knocking down whatever stands in your way, on your path to utter insanity.</p><p>I guess you could say this stands up as a physics-based arcade game. There's no real target other than kill as much as you can as wave after wave of enemies are thrown at you. What's really nice about the game is its voxel graphics, making the total gore and viscera splattered across the ground seem almost child friendly.</p><p>Unlock 50+ chaotic cars, and use a large variety of destructive weapons on your journey, from saw blades, bombs, and shurikens. There's something for everyone.</p><p>Madness Road will be coming to the App Store in early October, though no specific date has been set yet. The Android version should follow pursuit shortly after.</p>.

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